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Archive for September, 2014


As another summer comes to an end, most homeowners see their vegetable gardens and flower beds lose their luster. It is tempting to wait until spring to tackle the chore of removing those frost-bitten leaves and the occasional overripe tomato left on the vine. However, proper cleanup done in the fall can improve overall plant health for the following year, aid in minimizing unwanted pests, and eliminate soil-borne diseases that can overwinter in even the


10 Ways for Small Businesses to Prevent a Data Breach 1. Outsource payment processing. Avoid handling card data on your own. Reputable vendors, whether it’s for Point-of-Sale or web payments, have dedicated security staff that can protect that data better than you can. 2. Separate social media from financial activity. Use a dedicated device for online banking. Use a different device for email and social media. Otherwise, just visiting one infected social site could compromise


Ever wonder when talking with agents what some of those terms mean or why they are suggesting certain types of insurance for you? We now offer on our website an easy to follow - "jargon-free" way to learn the terms and why you need the coverages your agent is suggesting. Look for Clickable Coverage on the right side of the footer of our website: or go to: Explore the different types of