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Be Safe When Snowmobiling

snowmobiles-on-trailAcross northcentral Wisconsin, thousands of people enjoy groomed snowmobile trails in winter. To keep you and your family safe, please keep the following snowmobiling safety tips in mind.

  1. Never drink and ride. Alcohol not only affects your ability to drive, it makes you more susceptible to hypothermia.
  2. Avoid driving on frozen lakes and rivers — drowning is one of the leading causes of snowmobile fatalities. If you do ride on ice, follow marked trails. If you hit slush, do not let off the throttle.
  3. To avoid hypothermia or frostbite, dress appropriately — in layers that do not retain moisture — and carry extra clothing, socks and mittens/gloves in case of emergency or changes in weather.
  4. Wear UV-protected sunglasses, goggles or helmet visors in order to avoid snow blindness.
  5. When driving at night, slow down! Visibility is reduced at night, so wear clothing with reflective strips or patches.
  6. Drive defensively. When you’re snowmobiling it is difficult to hear over the engine noise and visibility may be reduced by blowing snow. Watch for wildlife, obstacles that could be hidden by snow, road crossings, bridges, thin ice or slush, snow banks, trees/branches and oncoming snowmobilers.

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