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New Technologies Available to Protect Your Family from Home Fires

Compass Insurance Services personnel recently attended a Continuing Education session that highlighted the latest fire prevention and protection technologies available.

  • Fireproof primer paint. This paint is proven to prevent the spread of flames and reduce smoke levels to aid in the protection of life and property. A 5-gallon bucket costs about $325 and is now available at Sherwin Williams and Home Depot.
  • Self-activating fire extinguishers. These extinguishers are available in a variety of Some are designed for stove top fires; others are ball-shaped and, upon reaching a certain temperature, will explode and release a powdery substance designed to put out the fire.
  • Install both smoke and fire alarms. One of the most threatening home fires is a smoldering fire that releases smoke, but may not set off a fire alarm. Smoke inhalation can be deadly, so it’s best to install both a smoke and fire alarm. There are also alarms on the market that can detect both smoke and carbon monoxide.
  • Vocal smoke and fire alarms. Research has shown that children and teenagers often sleep through a fire alarm at night — but they will react to the voice of their parents. “Familiar Voice” smoke and fire detectors allows parents to record their own message to wake up their children. Parents can record a message in which they use the name of their children, tell them to wake up, instruct them as to how to escape and to meet at the family’s predetermined “safe spot.” The voice message is repeated several times and has been shown to be very effective at waking children.

One more important fact shared at the session? Every minute a fire burns it doubles in size.  Get out as soon as possible and leave your possessions behind.

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