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Protect Your Livelihood from the “What Ifs”

Since 2008, the U.S. economy has made a slow and steady recovery — but millions of American families learned a hard lesson: savings and retirement accounts, especially in light of low interest rates, may not be enough to keep your family afloat in the event you lose your job, fall ill or become disabled. Personal disability insurance is one of the best financial protection measures you can invest in — and yet many Americans fail to secure this coverage. Why?

Some of us think, “It will never happen to me.” Others think the coverage is too expensive. Or they don’t understand the policies. In some sense, discussing personal disability insurance makes people as uncomfortable as discussing a will or trust — people simply don’t want to think about death or disability.

We, at Compass Insurance, advise you to give it some thought. While the cost of personal disability insurance may seem costly when you’re healthy, not having disability coverage can lead to financial ruin in the event you become ill, injured or disabled. We will meet with you to discuss budgets in order to provide you with affordable premiums and adequate benefits. We will demystify the complex policy wording, serving as your interpreter. And we’ll help you establish a plan that protects your livelihood and your family in the event of a “what if.”

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