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Bonding Services

Surety Bonds in the Wausau and Stevens Point Wisconsin area

What is a surety bond?

A guarantee provided by a surety company, which varies by line of work and bond form
language, as both items are used to assess risk to the surety. Surety bonds are not insurance
for you, they are a form of credit provided by the surety. If you do not fulfill the guarantee
and cause damages, a claim can be filed that the surety will initially pay. However, the surety
company will come to you for reimbursement.

Before a surety bond can be issued, an indemnity agreement must be signed which guarantees
you will reimburse the surety in the event of a valid claim.

Notary Bond

Many states require Notaries to purchase a surety bond to protect their signers. A surety bond
is a financial guarantee that a person who loses money because of a Notary’s misconduct or
fraud will be reimbursed up to the bond’s limit. A surety bond does not protect the Notary.
If damages are paid to a signer out of a surety bond, the Notary is required to pay back the
amount to the bonding company.

E&O insurance is designed to protect Notaries from liability. If a claim is made against a Notary,
the E&O policy typically pays legal fees and losses up to the limit of the policy. You do not have
to reimburse the insurance company for any costs incurred by a claim. Unlike a Notary bond,
E&O insurance covers negligent errors and omissions only; it does not cover criminal acts or

Notary Bond Only
Notary Bond with E&O (Errors & Omissions)
Errors & Omissions Policy Only – Individual

Concealed Carry Bonds

This bond and its attributes only apply to an act of self-defense that takes place in a state
where the permit holder is legally allowed to carry a concealed weapon, and in the following

  • When the permit holder pleads “not guilty” by reason of self-defense;
  • When the investigation of or changes against the permit holder are dropped or have
    been dismissed, and/or the permit holder is acquitted.
  • When the permit holder has maintained a state issued permit or license to carry a

Concealed Carry Criminal Defense Reimbursement Bond

Business Service Bonds

Business service bonds protect consumers from the potential theft that could be committed by
company employees who work in clients’ homes or offices. Business service bonds are optional
insurance products that are purchased by many different types of businesses.

Business Service Bond
Business Service Bond

ERISA, Pension & Welfare Bond

ERISA requires that plan officials who manage, oversee, recommend or handle funds or other
property of an employee benefits plan must be covered by a personal fidelity bond, the U.S.
Department of Labor explains. If a plan official commits fraudulent or dishonest acts, his bond
ensures that the pension or health fund can recover some of its losses. The bond only pays if
the fraudulent administrator is financially unable to meet his obligations.

ERISA, Pension, & Welfare Bond

Sheriff Indemnity Bond

For most of us, surety bonds can be quite confusing at times and Sheriffs Indemnity Bonds are
no stranger to this fact. In short a Sheriffs Indemnity Bond is type of surety bond that protects
law enforcement agencies when seizing or repossessing the property of a defendant or litigant
on the behalf of a plaintiff. A Sheriffs Indemnity Bond will protect these agencies from any and
all legal action due to damages suffered during the legal and lawful seizure of said items or
property for the plaintiff.

Sheriff Indemnity Bond
Sheriff Indemnity – Under $50,000