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Purchasing Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers

Auto Insurance

Do you remember when you received your driver’s license? The excitement and independence are something many of us looked forward to. On the contrary, we probably weren’t considering the cost of our auto insurance.

Unfortunately, insuring your teen driver can sometimes cause a little sticker shock. In addition, the added stress of your child being on the road can be worrisome.

When purchasing auto insurance for your teen you must first understand when they need coverage. A common misunderstanding is they need coverage when they obtain their permit or temps. However, they don’t need to obtain coverage or be added to your auto policy until they receive their official driver’s license. This is when you should notify your agent you have a teen driver.   

Here are some additional factors to consider regarding auto insurance for your teen:

  1. Determine if your child should be added to your existing auto policy or if you should purchase a separate policy for them. We can assist you in determining the most cost-effective approach for your family.
  2. Determine what coverage is needed. Will your child be driving an old vehicle that perhaps has seen better days? If so, it may not be the most cost-effective approach to purchase comprehensive & collision coverage.
  3. Will they be transporting goods or using their vehicle for any services? If so, most personal auto insurance policies won’t cover this risk. Please talk to your agent about any additional coverages that may be needed.
  4. Consider obtaining a vehicle for your teen with high safety ratings. This may help with more favorable insurance rates.
  5. Encourage your teen do well in school. Often carriers offer a “good student discount” for teen drivers that obtain a certain level GPA.

Regardless of your situation, Compass Insurance Services is here to support you throughout the process of insuring your teen driver. We will work diligently to ensure we find a solution that is best for you and your family. Please call today to speak to one of our Personal Lines agents regarding insuring your teen driver (715) 693-0100.

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